The Storyteller

As a storyteller you are driven by imagination and creativity. As an independent filmmaker you understand the importance of craft and attention to detail. At Snapsound your film is our passion.

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Give the attention your film deserves.

We're storytellers and we'll do everything it takes to bring your story to life.

  • End to end service

    We're with you all the way. Our service starts before you capture the first frame, with insight throughout pre-production and support through completion.

  • Passion & energy

    We're truly dedicated to your production. At Snapsound you'll get the passion, focus and energy you won't receive at a larger facility with the same budget.

  • Perfect match

    Whether your project is scripted or a documentary, we'll match your story with the perfect creative process and team.

Our Process

Snapsound is with you all the way. From development of your story to post-production. The diagram below guides you through our process.

  1. Research & Explore

    Get to know the story and characters to fully understand your vision.

    Work with your team to identify key objectives of the sound design.

    Brainstorm ideas on how sound design can enhance the narrative.

  2. Preparation

    Offer recommendations for building the ideal production sound team.

    Work with the production sound team to provide solutions to obstacles on location.

    Identify unique sounds worth capturing during production to eliminate unnecessary expense and delays.

  3. Post-Production

    Provide you with critical sound effects to support the narrative during picture editorial.

    Spot the film with you to create a detailed blueprint for sound design.

    Build the perfect team of specialists to record, edit and design sounds for a creatively rewarding final mix.

Zach recording on a tree stump

Watch Us Work

In 2015, Last Days in the Desert, a film written and directed by Rodrigo García, received the Dolby Family Sound Fellowship and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Dolby Atmos.

The fellowship provided an incredible opportunity to elevate our work in the film's soundtrack and to create a truly immersive experience for the audience. Under the mentorship of Academy Award-winning sound designer Skip Lievsay, we were able to explore ways in which the technology behind Dolby Atmos could be implemented to heighten the storytelling in this beautiful film.

Feel free to take a look at a short film about our experience working with this powerful technology.